SurePeople Launches AI-powered Aris OS, Transforming How Leaders Build, Manage and Sustain High-Performing Teams

Aris-powered solutions are now available through SurePeople’s five flagship brands for businesses, healthcare organizations, sports teams, unions and coaches & consultants.

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SurePeople today announced the release of its patented Aris OS, a human-centered, AI-driven operating system that powers the company’s science-driven leadership development, team optimization and talent solutions.

Aris leverages data to provide leaders and their teams with actionable insights, integrated tools and digital coaching to drive continuous alignment, development and high-performance across every stage of a team’s lifecycle.

Aris uniquely enables organizations to identify and address the root causes of their most critical people challenges, while developing more effective leaders and teams to reduce turnover, burnout and disengagement.

“Billions of dollars have been invested to improve employee engagement, yet Gallup reports that 79 percent of today’s workforce remains either non-engaged or actively disengaged,” said Niko Drakoulis, SurePeople Founder and CEO. “Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions to engagement and growth, Aris is uniquely powered by who people are to deliver what they need – unlocking each person’s full potential in work and life.”

SurePeople’s Aris-powered solutions are available through the Company’s five flagship brands:

  • WorkforceX for businesses;
  • HealthforceX for hospitals and health systems;
  • SureAthlete for collegiate and professional sports teams;
  • BetterUs for unions and membership organizations; and,
  • Prism for coaches, consultants, professional services teams and trainers.

Align, Develop, Perform: The Science of Team Optimization

Aris deepens leaders’ understanding of their teams with a proprietary psychometric algorithm — Prism — team survey capabilities, and 360-degree multi-rater assessments. By synthesizing these data sets, Aris uncovers the root causes of team challenges, provides predictive insights, and empowers leaders to build a culture of trust, cohesion and psychological safety.

Aris’ ability to drive alignment is especially powerful during the recruiting and onboarding of new leaders and team members, where the time to achieve full productivity has been reduced by 50 percent.

Next, based on each team member’s unique Prism psychometric “portrait,” Aris automates personalized, science-driven development of Emotional, Relational and Team Intelligence (ERT-i). The ERT-i behavioral model accelerates the development of power skills and high-impact behaviors, which have been proven to decrease turnover, reduce burnout and increase employee engagement and success. Curated, on-demand learning programs from a comprehensive Knowledge Library and premium content partners, such as Harvard Business Publishing, are included in this personalized development.

To sustain high performance, Aris powers an integrated suite of software applications and tools for leaders and team members in the flow of work. The Leader Dashboard integrates real-time team feedback, communication coaching for 1-on-1 and team meetings, conflict resolution guidance and 360-degree assessments of ERT-i.

Additionally, team members can use tools such as Communication Advisor to prepare for presentations, meetings and feedback conversations “just-in-time, just-in-need” — reducing conflict and increasing collaboration with peers, colleagues and their manager.

About SurePeople

SurePeople is an AI technology innovator specializing in People Science. The Company’s human-centered, AI-driven operating system, Aris OS, powers five flagship brands: WorkforceX, for businesses; HealthforceX, for hospitals and health systems; SureAthlete, for professional and collegiate sports teams; BetterUs, for unions and membership organizations; and Prism, for coaches, consultants, professional services teams and trainers. The SurePeople brands’ solutions – across employee experience, leadership development, team optimization, talent strategy, digital transformation and mergers & acquisitions – have been recognized for innovation and impact by leading research and analyst firms such as Brandon Hall Group, Deloitte Consulting and Training Industry. Learn more at, subscribe to our blog, Evolve, and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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