ScaleWith Announces the Launch of BuyWith

Ground-Breaking SaaS Product Enables Procurement Teams and Supply Chain Partners to Support Social Impact Commitments

DALLAS, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ScaleWith, Inc., a market-making SaaS technology company that embeds social impact funding into B2B and B2G transactions, today announced it has launched BuyWith, a new product that enables businesses and public sector entities to leverage their purchasing power in transactions by embedding social impact funding into their request for proposal (RFP) award criteria at no additional cost.

BuyWith is a product powered by ScaleWith’s platform, which empowers businesses, organizations, and public sector entities to unlock the hidden value in their transactions by embedding social impact funding (e.g., support for programs addressing Net Zero, climate, DE&I, Veterans/First Responders, STEAM Workforce) into their RFP award criteria and sales proposals that generates additional business and societal value.

ScaleWith’s SaaS products include:


  • Businesses and public sector entities can leverage their purchasing power in transactions by embedding social impact funding into their RFP award criteria.


  • SellWith Pro > turnkey social impact for small and fast-growing businesses;
  • SellWith Select > access to ScaleWith’s proprietary network of social impact partners; and
  • SellWith Enterprise > access to ScaleWith’s proprietary network of social impact partners and award-winning engagement content library.

BuyWith enables customer supply chain partners responding to RFPs to redeploy their underperforming and unused customer acquisition and retention budgets (e.g., sales incentives, discounts, rebates, training, sponsorships, events, and advertising) into social impact funding incentives aligned with their customers’ social impact commitments and priorities that can be embedded into their RFP responses at no additional cost.

BuyWith customers select social impact funding recipients from ScaleWith’s exclusive network of 140+ Social Impact Partners delivering 500+ programs worldwide. ScaleWith’s proprietary methodology utilizes A.I., investor disclosures, and ESG commitments to provide insights into buyers’ social impact priorities and identifies matching impact partners and programs. ScaleWith also closely tracks and quantifies social impact funding results through reports tied to various KPIs that can be shared with stakeholders. ScaleWith’s prolific studio-quality content library of media assets helps customers highlight and communicate this impact with their customers, employees, suppliers, and investors.

ScaleWith has also been working with former Ohio Governor John Kasich to refine BuyWith’s product features to address the needs of local and state governments, as well as public sector entities in higher education and health services. BuyWith is expected to rollout to public sector entities nationwide later this spring.

Comments on the News

  • “There’s a critical financing gap facing local governments that will not be met by the federal government or state governments,” said Former Ohio Governor John Kasich. “Using BuyWith, cities, counties, and states can turn their everyday purchasing activities into new funding sources for local programs. I am pleased that BuyWith’s groundbreaking technology is being launched in my home state of Ohio.”
  • BuyWith enables procurement and purchasing organizations to galvanize their supply chains to drive better business outcomes that also benefit the communities where they live and work,” said Paul Polizzotto, Founder & CEO, ScaleWith. “By embedding social impact funding opportunities into their RFP bid criteria, BuyWith customers can advance their sustainability and social impact priorities while conducting business as usual.”

About ScaleWith

ScaleWith is a SaaS technology company that empowers customers to increase revenue and drive growth by embedding social impact into B2B and B2G transactions. ScaleWith’s suite of solutions enable businesses, organizations, and public sector entities to embed funding for social impact enterprises and programs (e.g., ESG, DE&I, First Responders & Veterans and STEAM Workforce Development) into existing sales and procurement transactions at no additional cost. ScaleWith users can redirect underperforming and unused customer acquisition budgets towards funding social impact incentives, meeting their social impact goals and commitments while delivering unique value to their business partners by providing access to ScaleWith’s proprietary network of global social impact partners. ScaleWith and its predecessor companies have directed more than $100M in funding and resources to social impact initiatives and improved the lives of more than 60M people.

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