Saifr™ and Pinpoint are Partnering to Integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workflow for Financial Services

Strategic association enables more financial institutions to leverage AI responsibly

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Saifr™, a Fidelity Labs-incubated regulatory technology provider, has announced a strategic relationship with Pinpoint Global Communications (Pinpoint). As a result, Pinpoint clients will be able to use Saifr’s artificial intelligence (AI) modules in their workflows, helping them to create compliant marketing communications more efficiently.

Pinpoint clients now have the ability to integrate Saifr’s AI modules to further enhance their workflow efficiencies. Saifr’s AI models will scrutinize content and flag potential regulatory risks before the materials are sent to compliance teams. Using AI, clients can review written documents, audios, and videos, to help ensure compliance.

“Our work with Pinpoint illustrates how the financial industry is utilizing AI and advanced language models to help create compliant content,” said Vall Herard, Co-Founder and CEO of Saifr. “We worked closely with the Pinpoint team to integrate our AI modules into their robust workflow API, creating a more efficient compliance review process.”

“Through our integration with Saifr, our clients can access the AI tools they need to help create compliant content more efficiently,” said Bob Sullivan, President and CEO of Pinpoint. “This gives Pinpoint a competitive advantage.”

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About Pinpoint Global Communications

Pinpoint is the recognized leader in on-demand, online training, and compliance solutions for financial services and health insurance companies. Pinpoint’s learning management system (LMS) is customized for companies to easily deliver required training and education to get salespeople, agents, and advisors ready to sell quickly with real-time tracking and reporting for administrators and users. Pinpoint’s ComplianceConnect SaaS provides companies the security of knowing they can provide decision-ready data to deliver, monitor, and report to support SEC requirements.

About Saifr™

Saifr™, a RegTech incubated by Fidelity Labs, brings AI to help disrupt content creation, approval and filing processes in order to make them easier, faster, less expensive and more accurate. Saifr leverages unique access to millions of documents representing more than 15 years of work by thousands of marketing and compliance experts in various lines of business to create deep-learning AI models. Saifr’s natural language processing models can be accessed via SaifrReview®, APIs or Add-ins. Saifr doesn’t replace marketing or compliance professionals; it streamlines and enriches the creation and review process to help mitigate brand, reputational and regulatory risk.

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About Fidelity Labs

Fidelity Labs is Fidelity Investments’ in-house software incubator and digital studio. Founded in 2005, Fidelity Labs has played a critical role in driving growth and innovation for the firm. The Fidelity Labs organization has a portfolio of new businesses and is constantly prototyping concepts for Fidelity’s next new ventures. Learn more at

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