Lumivero Launches NVivo 14: Prominent Qualitative Data Analysis Software Empowers Researchers to Collaborate in Real Time, Stay Organized, and Deliver World-Class Research

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lumivero, the leading data insights provider, has announced the release of NVivo 14, the revolutionary qualitative data analysis software that empowers researchers to collaborate in real time, stay organized, and deliver world-class research.

This reimagined version of the NVivo platform empowers individuals, teams and organizations to come together and tailor solutions to collaborate in real time, stay organized and create insights to deliver world-class research. This is the first major release from Lumivero following the Oct. 2022 strategic partnership with QSR International, Palisade and Addinsoft to create leading data insights provider Lumivero.

“NVivo 14 brings the future of qualitative data analysis into the hands of researchers without boundaries,” said Gareth Morrison, CEO of Lumivero. “In today’s world of global collaboration, researchers need a platform that removes barriers and allows for seamless analysis. We’re proud to fuel the next frontier of data discovery and support researchers making an impact on a global scale.”

NVivo 14 combines all the functionality of the award-winning NVivo software with the addition of new features that help researchers seamlessly share projects, get more done in less clicks, instantly integrate their Citavi data, sign in to all purchased NVivo and Citavi products with a single account, and collaborate across Mac and PC in real time with NVivo’s reimagined Collaboration Cloud.

For the first time, NVivo 14 integrates with the all-in-one writing and knowledge management tool Citavi giving researchers instant access to references, research and knowledge items collated in Citavi. This seamless integration across both platforms allows researchers to publish faster by going beyond simple reference management to creating a springboard to collate references and thoughts, analyze literature and connect to empirical data with NVivo’s research tools to produce your article in record time.

NVivo 14’s cloud-based collaboration functions to advance team research and publishing efforts. When paired with the reconceptualized NVivo Collaboration Cloud, it provides simultaneous connections to cloud-stored projects, allowing team members to work across geographic areas, organizations, and operating systems in real time. Research teams will now enjoy the benefits of better coordination and instant access to shared data, making it easier to code and extract value from secondary research while combining the primary data of various team members to enhance overall findings.

The new NVivo release also brings a 10% increase in response times, an improved user portal experience and simplified account management with a single login, allowing researchers access to all their NVivo and Citavi resources and products in a secure, centralized location.

NVivo has received numerous awards based on customer reviews – including several Leader badges from peer-to-peer software review site G2 – and is the leading qualitative data analysis software, cited 149 percent more than competing solutions according to Elsevier.

To learn more, purchase, or sign up for a free trial, visit NVivo at

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